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Parris Turf Equipment

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The PlanetAir Trifecta is an exceptional aeration unit. Beside its ability to make 2 million incisions to allow the turf to breath, its new 5 section roller allows it to handle even the most extreme undulations. The third new feature on this unique aeration machine, is the gas shock relieving system that it has. This system allows the aerator to lift up if it encounters anything that may cause damage to the machine or the turf, which helps to ensure that you get the maximum use from your aerator and minimize the risk.

The minimal disruption to the playing surface, allows the superintendent to use this tool every 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that the greens are venting as needed. The 1 X 1 inch spacing that can be achieved by the trifecta, can help to stimulate deeper root growth which help the plant to survive the hot summer temperatures.

Aeration Illustration

When this fenominal aerator is operated at a speed of 2 mph, deep verticutting can be achieved with minimal disruption to the surface.

When running the Planetair during top dressing, the aeration motion can work the sand down into the surface very effectively.