Parris Turf Equipment

Parris Turf Equipment

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The groundkeeper series of Flail mowers from Amazone bring a whole new approach to maintain turf. These unique flails are capable of mowing a finish, that we would normally expect from a rotary or reel mower but without the debris normally left by conventional mowers. As seen in this photo, wet leaves are no match for these incredible mowers. The requirement to wait until the sun is out and things have dried before going about collecting the leaves, can now be a thing of the past by allowing Amazone to simplify these tasks for you.

Even the grass that we would normally leave until it had dried after heavy rain, can be mown wet without the concern of the mess left by the grass clippings.

Long grass is no match for these uniquely designed flails, and the quality of the finished product is quite astounding. Due to the unique designed flail drum, wet grass posses not challenge. Small branches and twigs are able to be cut up and collected into the hopper of the Amazone, to be carried of the mown surface and dumped where ever desired.

The high dump capabilities of several of the Amazone models, allows for the operator to dump directly into a dumpster or onto the deck of a truck or trailer.

Scarifying and verticutting are both capabilities of the Amazone flail mowers, and both can be achieved in either wet or dry conditions with little to no difference in the finish appearance.