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Golf Course Mowing

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Looking for the finest green's mower in the industry!

  1. Cut greens to a consistent uniform height.
  2. Expertly engineered with a cutting reel that easily follows the contour of the greens.
  3. More than a green's mower- when used with attachments it becomes a tremendous grooming tool.
  4. Features an easily adjustable tournament blade that allows smooth incremental cutting down to .08 of an inch.
  5. Completely gear driven; easy to maintain and simply more durable than mowers with chains or belts.

This mower is the right choice

Available in three sizes - the LM18G with an 18 inch cutting width, the LM56 with a 22 inch cutting width and the LM66 with a 26 inch cutting width.

Baroness LM285

This light and compact rough mower has promising characteristics up its sleeve.

  1. The power to weight ratio of this mower, makes it one of the most powerful in its class.
  2. The productivity and reduction on fuel consumption compared to rival mowers, make this
    very cost effective.
  3. The longevity of the reels and bed knifes, make even a rotary look expensive to operate.

Baroness LM2700

This fairway mower is truly starting to set new bench marks.

  1. The operational speed and unparalleled ability to cut, is something that you will be amazed when first seen.
  2. The adjustability of these cutting units, allow the user to gain any turf condition they desire.
  3. The power unit in this mower is larger and more reliable than is typically seen inthis application.
  4. The hardened inserts in the bed knifes ensure that your maintenance hours are reduced, allowing for time to be spent on other equipment.